Which maths skills are best for your job?

The latest edition of the ABC’s new My Math Skills survey is out.

We’ve broken down the answers into the top 10 categories: maths, science, technology, physical sciences, engineering and social sciences.

A majority of people aged 18-24 are using maths to solve problems in their day to day lives, with almost 60 per cent using maths in some way.

However, there are many more Australians who are not using maths, with the most common problem being solving a problem in a computer game.

In a separate survey, more than half of Australians (54 per cent) said they would never go back to the days when they had to be able to solve the problems with a hand held computer or other device.

As well as being good at maths, Australians also know how to write, think and analyse mathematics, the survey found.

The ABC’s survey asked Australians their views on whether mathematics was “a worthwhile skill to have” and what their top 10 favourite maths skills were.