What to look out for in BC maths classes

BC math teachers are calling on parents to check their children’s maths scores to ensure they are in line with their GCSE results.articlearticle  It comes as students and parents in B.C. prepare for the upcoming school year and they are being urged to check math results to ensure that they are on track to reach their GCES results.

The math scores of all Grade 9 students have been released, and there are also measures of students’ grade 8 and 9 math scores.

But there are still questions as to whether students are meeting their targets in their grades and whether the results will match the expectations of their teachers.CBC News asked BC Secondary Principals, teachers, and other math experts for their advice on what to look for in the results of students and their teachers as they prepare for their GCEDs.

A student’s Grade 9 math score is the highest in their grade and the highest of all of the students in Grade 8.

Students are expected to achieve an average of 7.5 on their GCAS math test and 6.5 for their Grade 9 Math test.

That means that a student with a score of 6.0 would be expected to score 7.0 on their math exam and 7.9 on their grade 8 math exam.CBC’s Education Reporter, Sarah McLaughlin, has the latest on this issue.