What is the best university degree?

FourFourSeconds article A new survey by Australian universities found that the average student is earning less than the median wage in Australia, with most graduates having less than $35,000.

University graduates earn a median salary of $54,700 in 2016, compared to $69,700 for those without a tertiary degree.

“Students should be able to afford to study,” said university spokeswoman Michelle Mackean.

“There’s no doubt the financial burden of living in a university town is immense and is one of the reasons why we’re seeing students leave Australia.”

Ms Mackeaan said she expected the number of students with debt would grow as the cost of living increased, but there was little that universities could do about it.

“We know that the costs of living are going up, and so we think it’s very important that we’re making sure that we’ve got the education systems that are able to support them to make the best use of that,” she said.

Ms Mackelan said a lot of universities had made significant changes to their enrolment processes, but she was surprised at the lack of change in the university degrees.

“I think there’s been some very significant changes in the way the system works and how it’s been used,” she added.

“And the question is, why aren’t we getting some of those changes implemented now?”