What is dyslexics math? – ABC News

Posted February 08, 2019 12:11:17Alexandra Zemmour is a maths teacher in South Africa’s western Cape province.

She has been teaching for six years.

She says the students she teaches are struggling to understand the basic concepts of maths.

“I am really struggling with the idea of why are we being taught maths at all,” she said.

“It is not a problem I have had before, but now it is one that I am struggling with, and I am having to explain why it is important to be able to learn it, and how to use it.”

Ms Zemmeier said it was difficult to explain the basic principles of the subject to students, who tend to have difficulties with the concepts.

“They have a hard time understanding how to divide a square, or how to figure out how many numbers there are,” she told ABC News.

“In some cases they might be able, I am not sure how, but to understand how it works and how it’s done, they have to be taught it, I think that is the problem.”

Ms Luthuli said maths was important for students to be exposed to, but the challenge was teaching students about how it was done.

“If you are struggling with math at school, you need to have the skills to be an independent thinker, so you are not just being told to do it in a particular way,” she explained.

“To be able learn how to solve problems, you have to understand that all of these problems can be solved by using your reasoning skills, and you have got to have that self-confidence.”