The world’s largest edtech startup, CCSF, is looking to raise $200 million

edtech startups are increasingly moving to the edtech space and a few of them have raised more than $200M so far in 2017.

One such startup is CCSf, a digital design agency based in Bengaluru.

Its mission is to create “sustainable design solutions” for the design industry and build “a new generation of designers who understand the value of design and technology in creating new products and experiences for people”.

The company has raised $1.6M to date.CCSf is currently working on an app for Android phones, a web application for iOS and a mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

The startup says its aim is to help people build the best designs for their needs and wants to build a global marketplace of digital design products.

The company is looking for a global team of developers, designers and users to create the app and build it.

Cesar Pang, founder of CCSsf, says that its mission is not just to build products but to create a new generation.

He says that CCS is “a brand that was born from the world’s first ever design competition.

Its goal is to empower the next generation of digital designers and build a new and sustainable design ecosystem for the world.”

The CCS family of companies has also raised funds in 2017, including CCShape, Cesar’s online design marketplace, and a number of other startups that focus on design for design’s sake.

The list includes CCSmall, Ccsf, Csi, C-Mall, and CCS-M.