‘The biggest problem for students in this country is their math’: Students ‘lack confidence’ in education

RTE 1/14/2016 – 11:47:00 A student was shocked by a letter he received from a college that he has no access to.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote in to the college on Monday saying he had never received an email or email notification from the college regarding his participation in the College Math Program.

“I am very shocked and appalled at what I read in the letter.

I was just very surprised to read that my name was being put forward for a scholarship.

How dare you?

It is just a joke.

I did not sign up for this program.

How can I be considered an active participant in the program?”

The letter, which reads in part: “Congratulations on your college admission.

I have been selected to take the College Mathematics Program.

I would appreciate if you would please notify me if you have any questions or concerns as well as provide me with any relevant information that may help me with my application.”

The college did not respond to RTE’s request for comment.RTE 2/14 /16 – 11