India’s Math and Cie Systems to be Updated to CIE 2020 Standards

CIE 2016-2021 Math and Computer Science Statistics and Technology (MCSST) Statistics and Statistics-related statistics and analysis statistics and information information (IIT-Kharagpur) Statistics in India statistics in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa statistics in Canada, England and Wales statistics in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland statistics in Germany, Italy, France and Belgium statistics in Japan statistics in South Korea, South Africa, China, Taiwan and Singapore statistics in China, the United States and South Korea statistics in India, Canada, the European Union and Australia statistics in Brazil, Argentina, Canada and Brazil statistics in New Zealand, India and Australia, with a focus on Australia statistics with a particular focus on the UK, United Kingdom and Canada.

The latest data are available on the website of the Centre for International Mathematics Education, CIE.

The Centre for Mathematical Statistics (CMSE) and the Centre of Mathematical Physics (CMSP) are the professional societies for the statistical analysis of mathematics and computer science statistics.

The statistics in CIE include information on: mathematics, statistics, computer science, computer engineering, and computer and information sciences.

CIE MCSST Statistics is the latest edition of the CIE’s MCSSA Statistics Standard, published in 2019, with an update of the 2018 edition, which was published in 2018.CIE MSCSA Statistics is available in several languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian, Japanese, and Korean.

Cie is a national statistical organisation with offices in Singapore and Mumbai, India.

It provides statistical services for the research and business sectors.

Cie provides data for many areas of mathematics, science, engineering, technology and business including industry, trade, public administration, public health, social, environment, defence, environment and energy.

Cies services are designed to be applicable to the different sectors of the economy and are available in all languages.

The MCSSE Statistics standard is based on CIEs existing standards.

Cieme provides statistical analysis and communication services for a broad range of disciplines and topics in mathematics, computer and mathematical sciences, and the wider area of information science and technology.

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