India’s first solar power plant could go online in a month, say officials

The world’s largest solar power generator has just opened a new plant in the state of Maharashtra in the hope of boosting India’s renewable energy sector.

According to an official statement from the Maharashtra government, the plant, named Siva, will be operational in February and produce 1.8GW of electricity per day.

The plant, which will be commissioned at a cost of Rs 1,000 crore, is expected to produce 50MW of electricity.

Siva will be a collaboration between the state government, Tata Power and Adani Enterprises, which is the world’s fourth-largest renewable energy developer.

Adani’s subsidiary, Adani Solar, is the first company to set up a solar plant in India.

Adani’s plans are not limited to the state, as the company has also plans to build a large-scale solar power station in Maharashtra, which it will have to build in partnership with the state.

The Maharashtra government has already invested Rs 1.1 billion to build the plant.

The state has also invested Rs 7,000 lakh for the project, which includes constructing a solar park in the village of Shailadand.