How to use Coventry maths tutorials to teach your child how to use maths

Coventry mum Emma Fyfe says she’s happy with the results of her childrens maths lesson and is glad to be teaching them maths for the first time.

“We were going for an easy-to-understand topic and that was how to add and subtract,” Ms Fyf told News24.

I had a bit of trouble with maths at first, so I just kept pushing it on, so we got into the maths.

“The last thing I needed was a maths problem and that’s how I got the most out of my childrens lessons.”

Ms Fyff said she was happy with how her children learned the maths but she would not want them to miss out on more.

She said: “We did a lot of maths but we didn’t go through the steps, so that was a bit hard for them to learn, but I would still like to see them go through that more.”

I was really happy with their learning, it was a really good result for them.

“Mr and Mrs Cazden, who have two other children, were delighted with their maths lessons.

Mrs Cazdean said: ”I was happy for them because I was just like ‘okay, we’ve learnt how to do that, it’s all good, we learnt how’.” Ms Cazdan said she found the lessons to be “interesting” and added: “It was really fun for us.

They were just enjoying the learning process.”

They’ve got a bit older now so they were very excited.

“The children will be heading to Coventry University for their second year of school.