How to improve maths skills: The answers from experts

GARY HALL: If you’re struggling with maths, or just want to know what to look for in your next maths project, here’s the right place to start.

GARY HASLAM: In the past two years I’ve had a lot of work on my CV, and I’m quite proud of the work I’ve done.

GARTH BROOME: We asked some of our brightest minds to put together some of their best tips on how to tackle maths, which includes advice on how best to work with kids, the best way to tackle homework and the best ways to prepare for exams.

READ MORE: This is the best place to look in the UK for a free online maths guide from the UK government, with resources on topics like the best places to go to school, how to read and write maths, what is maths, how is it done, how can you get more out of it, and much more.

But you’ll also find a range of advice on what to study, what’s important in a degree and what’s the best source of maths practice.

We’ve also included a handy list of maths books and resources for people with children.

But the best part is that this free guide is based on research and research-based advice, so you’ll find a clear-cut guide to help you master the subject you’re studying.

To access the guide you can download the PDF file, or you can use the links below.