How to calculate your birthday by the end of 2018

By now, you’ve probably heard of the new-fangled ‘calculator’ that is now available on the App Store for the iPhone and iPad.

The new app will calculate your own birthday for you, but in doing so, it will also give you a date to mark it on your calendar.

The app is a free download on the iPhone, and the iPad app can be downloaded for free as well.

But you’ll need to register to download the app, and you’ll also need to pay $4.99 for the monthly membership.

To get the app up and running, you’ll have to download it from the AppStore.

But the good news is, it’s free, and it’s available in all regions where Apple has its app stores.

It’ll even work with Apple Watch apps on the Apple Watch.

Here’s how to get the calculator running.

Before you can use the calculator, you have to register with the Appstore and register your device as an Apple Developer.

If you’ve already registered with the app (you’ll need a separate Apple ID), you’ll still need to sign up for an Apple ID in order to use the app.

Once you’ve registered, you’re going to have to make sure your Apple ID is up to date.

For example, if you have an iPhone, you can check your AppleID at Apple’s website, and if you’re running iOS 10.3 or higher, you should be able to update your Apple IDs to get it to work.

Next, you need to create a birthday for yourself.

You can do this by filling out a form in the app and filling out the fields as you see fit.

The App Store allows you to create multiple birthday celebrations using the same date, and each birthday celebration will have a unique birthday date.

This is where the app gets really clever.

You’ll also be able choose your birthday, a specific date, a number of years, and a name.

The name you choose is what the App will show on your birthday card.

The Apple Watch app will also show your birthday on the calendar.

To use this feature, you will need to tap the “Calculate” button on the top right of the Apple watch face.

This will bring up the “Choose Birthday” menu and allow you to select a date.

You will be asked to enter the date and time you want your birthday to appear on the phone or iPad.

This option will be disabled for iOS 10, but it will return to the iPhone AppStore for iOS 11 and higher.

Finally, you’d also need the “Add Birthday” button in the upper right corner.

This menu will give you the option to add a birthday event to your calendar (or an event to the calendar).

If you want to add your birthday as an event on your iPhone, this will give your Apple Watch an event.

You may also be interested to know that when you add an event, you are able to view a live video of the event and share it with your friends.

Finally you’ll want to click “Create” on the bottom right corner to create your birthday celebration.

This gives you the opportunity to create the birthday event on the device you want the calculator to appear in.

To do this, click “Add” to create an event in the App.

You also have the option of selecting the date you want it to appear.

Finally, you may want to enter a name for your birthday event.

This will allow you, as the parent, to add the event to an existing event on an iPhone.

Once you’ve chosen your birthday and entered your name and date, you must then select a name and the birthday date you would like to appear as an action.

Finally in the “Create Event” menu, you could also select an event that you want as an input.

You could enter an email address or an address that’s not in the calendar (such as the address of your house).

Finally, the event can be set to appear automatically, which means the event will appear on your device when you start the calendar application on it.

The app will then calculate the birthday.

If the birthday doesn’t match your birthday date, then the birthday has been missed and will need the app to be re-calculated.

If your birthday is different, you still have the choice to create another event, which will give the app a birthday that matches your date of birth.

The calculator also lets you add your favourite birthday and birthday parties.

To create an email list, you select an email account, enter a date and an event you’d like to add to the list, and then choose the name and time of the birthday party.

To add a party to your list, select “Add”.

Finally, to choose an event from the list of events, you simply click “Events”.

Now you can have a great birthday party in your backyard, or just a relaxing stroll down the street, with the calculator.

To get started, just enter your birthday in the form