How to calculate how many words a sentence can contain in a sentence

A new study by academics at the University of Oxford and the University for Science and Technology in Japan has found a way of calculating how many syllables a sentence is.

The study was conducted on a large corpus of Japanese manga.

It looked at the total number of syllables in each of the series from the first half of the manga to the end.

It is not clear how long the manga is.

Researchers used data from the Manga Database Project, which was established in 2016.

It collects information on the number of different types of manga and the number and length of each chapter.

The researchers examined the total amount of syllable per word of each series.

They found the manga were in the range of 3.6-4.3 syllables per word.

This is a pretty good number, but not that many syllable for a short comic.

It’s only one out of hundreds of pages of manga.

The manga are all very short and the word count is relatively low, but that doesn’t mean the manga aren’t worth reading.

The number of words in a manga is a key metric for how interesting and engaging the manga are, said the researchers.

The average length of a manga page is around 2,000 words.

It seems the average manga is pretty good at delivering on that metric.