‘Furious’ as ‘tortured’ woman ‘disappeared’ after allegedly raping a man

A woman has spoken out after a man was allegedly raped in the same way she was raped in a previous incident in a hotel room.

The victim, who is now 17, said she was “furious” when her attacker came to her room after a night out and told her to perform oral sex.

She said she complied because “I knew it was going to happen and wanted to be safe”.

The victim said the man then raped her after telling her to kiss him and told the woman to put her hands on his shoulders.

The man allegedly threatened to kill her.

“I told him to stop and he told me I was a whore,” the woman said.

“I told his friend that he would be a bitch to him.”

The victim told police she was assaulted in a room on December 13, 2016 at the Hotel Moulay Naima in Limerick.

She said the assault happened after she refused to perform sex acts to a group of men who were “torturing” her.

The woman said she also suffered injuries including bruises and swelling on her lower back.

She also said the attacker had punched her in the face and punched her multiple times in the stomach.

The girl said she told her father the next day and that his phone rang her name and asked for help.

She was later taken to a police station and interviewed.

The accused man, a 23-year-old, denied the allegations and told police he “didn’t know how to do anything”.

“I don’t know what he’s thinking.

I don’t understand,” she said.”

My dad was really scared.”

She said her father had previously been in trouble with the law for drug offences and was currently living with a “good guy”.

“They said it was a gang rape and he should be in jail.

I’m not sure what else they’re saying.

It’s really upsetting,” she told the Irish Times.

The mother-of-two said she had not spoken to her daughter since the incident.

“She’s very traumatised.

She doesn’t know if she’s going to be OK or not,” she added.”

It’s really difficult to talk to her because she doesn’t want to be seen or heard.”

The last thing I want to do is let her go back to school or go to a place where people will think she’s a bad person.

“This was a completely different situation, she didn’t have any friends or anything.

It was her boyfriend who was the one who attacked her.”

The accused is due to appear in court on December 18.